Technology and Equipment




Crafts Inc. owns hundreds of roofing equipment items that assist craftsmen in installing the highest quality roofs. Craftsmen have available to them the proper equipment to successfully install all types of low and steep slope roofing systems. With a team of dedicated mechanics Crafts Inc. can ensure that there is limited downtime for clients. Crafts Inc. also stays on top of industry trends in equipment including new technology and innovations to existing equipment. Our clients can expect that we utilize the best equipment to install the best roof possible.


Crafts Inc. utilizes the latest in technology for communication purposes internally and externally. Crafts Inc. has the ability to keep in constant contact with our teams and team leaders through various verbal and visual channels to develop timely solutions for clients.


In search of the safest, highest quality and most productive equipment & techniques, Crafts Inc has found itself an early adopter of certain equipment and a builder/modifier of other equipment for our own use. In the plate weld attachment arena, Crafts Inc fielded advanced equipment secured from European suppliers several seasons before the equipment was made general available. Certain tried & true equipment has received Crafts Inc modern engine repowering packages and systematic upgrades. Many of the commercial available roofing crane accessories are derivatives of products developed by a Crafts Inc subsidiary.


Innovation runs deep and long at Crafts Inc, as the weighted-base portable fall protection railing system in widespread use is based on a Crafts Inc patent from the 1970s.


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