Zero Injury Initiative




Zero Injury Initiative is based on best practices found at firms with the best long term safety records, such as Crafts Inc. Our goal is to understand and handle the risks of working construction in a way that expects Zero Injuries.


Through our Zero Injury Initiative, Crafts Inc. has been able to lower our Workman’s Compensation Insurance Earned Modification Rate (EMR); EMR is one of the most important measures of a roofing contractor’s achieved safety performance. From the top-down, Crafts Inc. readily demonstrates the best safety practices in the industry.


A major component of our multiyear Zero Injury Initiative project has been a concerted persistent effort to take the corporate awareness & responsibility to an individual employee level. Employees are taught to dynamically identify risks and to proactively take individual initiative to use the tools & techniques proven to mitigate these risks. In all cases any individual has “safety authority” for their own safety environment and is coached to use their oversight of the safety actions of others to keep each other safe.


Crafts Inc employs highly certified safety professionals to systematically review ongoing projects and training to meet our Zero Injury Initiative goals. Often you may see Zero Injury Initiative abbreviated as ZII.


Current tools used in our ZII process are the Harness Safety Application, MRCA Smart Tool Box Talks, Insurance provider & broker safety inspections, tool box talks and training, RSAW (Roof Safety Association of Wisconsin) safety inspections, tool box talks and training, Crafts Inc safety training and inspections. The multi-prong approach purposefully overlaps, back-checks other components and directs focus to our ZII.


Crafts Inc has developed safety protocols now being considered and used across the roofing industry. Its procedures have been documented and published in trade publications like the Midwest Roofer magazine.



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