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Over the last several decades Crafts Inc has created custom roof maintenance programs for numerous owners, often tailored to meet special requirements of the particular client. Some prefer a multi-year or rolling timeframe. Some have particular needs including a special post July 4th roof inspection for fireworks damages, or winter snow monitoring & removal.


To start the discussion off, Crafts Inc has created two roof maintenance plans, the Gold plan and the Silver plan.


Crafts Gold Plan

  • This level of the maintenance program offers the options in the basic silver package but offers an array of added value options to better manage a roof investment.

      • Inspections four times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter)

      • 24 hour Roof Watch Program

      • Detailed report with every inspection

      • Access to online real-time leak reporting

      • Dedicated customer portal

      • Online Invoice management

Crafts Silver Plan

  • This plan is the basic package offering  protection and inspections but does lack some added bonus options of the Gold package.

      • Inspections twice a year (Spring and Fall)

      • Detailed report with every inspection

      • 24 hour Roof Watch Program

The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” too often applies to flat or low slope roofs. If the roof isn’t causing a problem, why worry about it? All too often, this means a relatively small roof problem has had the opportunity to become major, or a more extensive problem before it’s noticed. The end result, “normal” aging costs more, and shortens the useful life of any roof.


This is why an inspection by a certified Crafts Inc. representative should be conducted at least twice a year. Once in spring, to check and repair small problems caused by winter’s wrath, and again in fall, to ensure the roof is ready to withstand the rigors of another winter season. Since any roof system is a considerable investment, it makes sense to protect and maintain that investment by solving small problems early.


With Crafts Inc. Roof Maintenance Program, your roof will be inspected at least twice a year, and we will provide detailed reports describing the roof’s conditions. The report will include photographs of the roof’s condition, recommendations for normal patching and maintenance repair, major restorative work or any replacements that may be needed.


We can spot the little things before they turn into major capital expenditures. With our Roof Maintenance Program, you may consider Crafts Inc. apart of your maintenance team.

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