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Announcing “Schaus Roofing Services,
a division of Crafts Inc.”







With the start of 2020 Crafts Inc has increased its roofing footprint by adding “Schaus Roofing Services, a division of Crafts Inc.”

Crafts Inc has serviced the Commercial and Industrial roofing needs of Northeastern Wisconsin and beyond, since 1946. Crafts Inc team of Estimator/Project Managers and field technicians service the roofing and architectural sheet metal needs of hundreds of clients.

The Manitowoc based Schaus family has been a fixture in the local roofing industry for over 90 years. Like most long lived roofing contractors they also started from humble beginnings servicing both residential and commercial roofing needs.

The Schaus business also took up Mechanical and HVAC contracting, and have grown to become a significant factor in those industries.

In 2019 in an effort to further focus their talents on the Mechanical and HVAC industry, the Schaus family reached out to Crafts Inc with an idea of partnering in the roofing industry.

At the end of 2019 the Schaus Roofing and Mechanical Inc “Roofing Department” assets were purchased by Crafts Inc. with the Schaus family renaming their continuing Mechanical and HVAC operations as “Schaus Mechanical Inc.”

Recognizing the legacy of the Schaus family’s roofing efforts Crafts Inc created “Schaus Roofing Services, a division of Crafts Inc.” as part of the Crafts Inc brands.

All Crafts Inc roofing and architectural operations are continuing.

With the new Schaus Roofing Services added to the Crafts Inc portfolio are several roof systems the Schaus team had a historical relationship with, and the talent of their roofing team who’ve joined the Crafts Inc team.

While the (920) 682-7707 phone number, department name and how the phone is answered may be different, the joint Crafts Inc and Schaus family commitments to roofing stays the same.

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