Green Roofing




Green Roof

Green Roofing

  • Reduce urban footprint

  • Insulate structures from frigid weather

  • Keep structure cool during summer

  • Reduce indoor noise

  • Fire prevention

  • Significantly reduce storm water runoff

Green roofs are roofing solutions that are covered by vegetation and a growing medium, installed over a roof membrane. Crafts Inc. has experience with installing tray-style green roofs with the resurgence of LEED or Green Roofing practices. These roof systems are designed to reduce some of the entire urban footprint left by a large structure. Moreover, the roofs are aesthetically pleasing and are able to create garden-like environments 50 feet up in the air.


Not only do they have environmental and aesthetic advantages, they can also extend the life of a roof by protecting the membrane from UV, ponding water, hail, and thermal contraction and expansion. All of these harmful properties reduce the life of the roof and generate more expense through replacement and repair in the long-term.


Green Roof


Cool Roofing

  • Energy savings because of reflectivity of sun’s heat

  • Urban heat island reduction

  • Reduce roof maintenance by extending roof’s lifespan

  • Recycled and non-toxic materials

Cool roofs are reflective membranes or coatings (typically white) that reflect some of the sun’s solar energy back to the sky rather than absorbing it into the building below. Cool roofs create an energy savings for building owners, reduce the urban heat island effect, and comply with LEED codes. Many cool roofs are available with thermoplastic single-ply membranes like TPO and PVC.


Cool Roofing


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